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Do you currently have a little sleep thief in your home? Are they fighting naps, waking up too early or staying awake through the night? Perhaps you are also having a little visitor joining you in bed during the night.

Well, the good news is I can help! With my 1:1 support and bespoke baby sleep training packages, we will successfully work at getting you out of feeling like a zombie and your little one into a sleep routine that works best for the whole family.

I’ve been there and got the exhausted parent t-shirt, so I have a sympathetic, non-judgmental ear and a baby sleep coaching plan that will get your little one sleeping better.

I work with families across the area, from Stockton Heath to Wilmslow.

What is Baby Sleep Training?

This is a supportive, personalised consulting service available across Cheshire that offers expert guidance to improve a baby or toddler’s sleeping patterns. Each family and child is different, so we tailor our sleep coaching techniques to your child’s developmental stage, the issues you are facing, and the specific bedtime challenges you are facing. Whether you have an early waking little one, or repeated nighttime wake-ups, or are finding it hard to get your baby to settle down at bedtime, we will find the right blend of techniques to create a bespoke sleep training plan for you and your baby. Your sleep consultant is certified and trained to deliver effective solutions that work.

More About Our Sleep Packages

Take a look at our range of age-appropriate sleep consulting packages. They include comprehensive courses, as well as one-off sessions that offer some helpful tips. If you are parent-to-be, or a brand-new parent, we can help you get off to a flying start with tailored guidance. 

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Take some time to browse through our blog posts and articles, all packed with practical sleep advice that you can start using today. We deal with common problems like toddler nightmares, early waking babies, and transitioning from a cot to a big bed.

Testimonials, What Lightzzz Out Parents say...

Read about the real experiences of parents and families we have supported recently, across Cheshire. We love to celebrate your positive results! 

Parents of Hattie

16 months – Little Ones Package

We had a really positive experience with Alex. She supported us with our 16 month old little girl who was a terror in the night and awful with her naps. She had never slept well and we at a point where we were battling frequent wake ups every night. Sometimes, she would be awake for hours at a time, wanting to be held. She would eventually give in and fall back to sleep when rocked, held or given milk. We were exhausted! Naps were also short and inconsistent, our little girl relied on us to hold her/rock/sing her to sleep tor a nap and it would last max 30 minutes. We knew we needed help! Alex saved us. She helped us work out how to cut out all the things we were doing to ‘help’ our little lady fall asleep. She had no skills to fall asleep herself. Within a few nights, we were able to put her down to sleep in her cot and she’d fall asleep on her own. Amazing and much easier than we’d expected. The wake ups became less and less frequent as soon as we’d done a good run of early bed times to help her catch up on all the sleep she’s never had. Daily naps got longer and longer. Now, we have a little girl who sleeps! She does between 11 and 12 hours sleep every night, sometimes she wakes but she is able to self settle and doesn’t need us to go in to her. Equally, she naps, consistently every day. Although it varies on length, between 1 and 2 hours, Alex helped us understand how to make it all balance out so there was no sleep depreciation over 24hours. We don’t have an overtired little girl! A really successful story, as most may be, we were sceptical as to whether getting involved with Alex would work for us because our situation was so bad! However, I’m so glad and grateful we did. Alex was there to text and chat to daily and answer any questions which really reassured us that our experience was normal and she kept us on track! Thank you Alex!

Hattie was superb and once she worked out her new skills there was no stopping her! Thank you x

Parents of Freddie

5 months – Little Ones Package
Alex has been an absolute life safer for us! Before we started our 2 week course, our 5mo was often waking every hour and my husband and I were delirious with sleep deprivation! 3 weeks later (and even after a bout of illness and chickenpox during which time alex agreed to pause the course and continue FOC after the two weeks had expired) he is now able to self settle and wakes only once (to feed) between the hours of 7-7 and occasionally sleeps all the way through. Alex gave us the confidence to get rid of the dummy and gave us the tools to be confident and decisive when implementing our sons sleep plan. I would 100% recommend Alex to any parent of a little sleep thief!! Thank you! X

Freddie was a little superstar! He took to his new sleep skills super quickly and it was a pleasure to work with his parents! Thank you x

Parents of Noah & Theo Twin Case

8 months – Little Ones Package
I definitely recommend Alex. I had managed to get my older kids sleeping really well, but with our twins it felt like a completely different ball game. I really didn’t know what to do for the best, but I knew for sure that I needed to do something because I couldn’t keep on yo-yo-ing up and down the stairs every night and eventually giving up and bringing them into bed with us! So much broken and poor sleep for all of us and with going back to work on the horizon something needed to change. I’m so glad that I then met Alex. I needed someone to come up with a plan for me, as I couldn’t work it out myself. She is so lovely, took the time to understand us as a family and how our daily routine worked, particularly when you throw the school run into the mix. Her plan and support throughout was amazing. My twins absolutely smashed it and I couldn’t be happier. We went from only pram or contact naps in the day and a million wake ups at night to going down awake, sleeping in their cots for naps in the day and sleeping ALL night!!! Waaaaaahooo!!!! Thank you Alex for all of your support. If you need help with your babies/children sleeping, do it, get in touch with her, I’m sure you won’t regret it!!

These gorgeous boys took us all by surprise with how well they did so soon. Amazing commitment from 2 VERY busy parents who also had 2 other children. Loved working with this family x

Parents of Henry

20 months – Toddler Tots Package
Alex was absolutely amazing from start to finish, she listened to our issues, understood exactly how we felt and prepared a plan that worked brilliantly. She was always on hand to make us appreciate the hard work we have put in and always quick to respond. I can’t recommend her enough to all my family and friends she was wonderful and has changed our lives for the better.
We went from our son sleeping in our bed and using us to fall asleep to him falling asleep by himself in his own bed in just over 2 weeks. He is also now able to nap in his cot (something he has never ever done in 21 months). We are absolutely over the moon with the results and couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Alex. Thank you for everything!

Huge congratulations to Henry. This was a 3 week package and Henry did so well thanks to his committed parents. Thank you x

Parents of Arlo

7 years – Little People Package
Alex was absolutely amazing from start to finish.
As any family with a child that won’t sleep knows it takes over your life. This was affecting our whole family and we were desperate!
Alex was calm, reassuring, empathetic and positive!
From the first conversation I felt encouraged that our issues could be resolved.
Nothing was too much for Alex (including my thousands of rambling messages) and I felt supported throughout the process.
Alex gave clear guidance and tough love when needed but was also approachable and listened to our views and opinions on strategies.
Our (not little) little one is now in a great routine and our happy household has been restored!
Cannot recommend Alex enough
Thank You!!

I am over the moon with the progress Arlo made. We worked through and adapted when needed to but we got there in the end and it's so great to see after all of the families hard work. It's never too late to sleep train your child! Well done and thank you x

Parents of Sebastian 

12 months – Little Ones Package
Just completed the 2-week plan with Alex. Our little boy who turned 1 just at the start of the plan was a constant waker. He would go to bed fine, but he would wake at least 3 times a night and some of those were for long periods.
We had tried multiple things and had got to a point where it was hard to function.
A few days into the plan he was able to self soothe and although he was still waking, he would be back to sleep in minutes with absolutely no tears.
During the plan we had the 12 month injections, clock change and he started nursery. Alex supported us throughout this and ensured it didn’t impact the plan.
As a first time mum nap times, bedtime routines, meal planning, bottle times, snacks and fitting all this into going back to work seemed so overwhelming, Alex has supported me soo much and in a few weeks I’m returning to work and feel confident we have a routine that’s fits our little boy and also our busy schedule.
Thank you Alex

This family were so committed from day 1 and Seb proved to be a star sleeper after just a few days. Hats off to you all and thank you x

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